My first wordpress blog!

Okay so I was tweeting one day and I took a look and I realized I had so much to say which resulted in a long string of tweets; well I did this for a very long time and eventually I realized my tweets were turning into a Blog LOL!

Before I started using Twitter I used Facebook like most people, one good thing about Facebook was that it didn’t have a character limit like Twitter does but I was bored with Facebook and I like using Twitter so I needed something new and I thought hey why not start a blog and I got started with WordPress; installed it, found a theme then customized it and when I was happy with the results I got a nice little blog.

I did play around with my own Joomla site before so I was familiar with HTML customizations.  Compared to my last Joomla theme, WordPress contained less visual animations but for all intents and purposes it is for blogging and for what it’s worth it is very streamlined and gets the job done; plugins were easily installed using the backend search, again not as many customizations as you would find in Joomla but very functional and easy to get up and running and.

Nice little plugins that allow you to tweet your WordPress posts as soon as you complete one make the process of posting your WordPress blogs onto social media pretty simple.  I’m going to start tweeting my blogs from now on when I need little bit more space to work with LOL!

My first wordpress blog!

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