My interview to become a US citizen

I’ve been living in the US for a pretty long time now and all this time, I’ve been a permanent resident and I thought why not just become a citizen this year I had a little extra saved and I began the application process in February of 2017.

It’s pretty expensive its was over $700!  Imagine how many PS4 games I could get for that LOL, and it is now late in the month of August and I just had my interview date earlier this week at 9 a.m.

I waited sometime in the large waiting area till they call my number and I met with the interviewer he was nice; we began with some identification information and biometrics which involves taking my fingerprint.

He then began with a quick little quiz about American history and the interview itself consisted of questions about my development in the US; it was really a counseling session about my goals and we discussed many things like my family and time so far as a permanent resident in the US and how I plan on improving my life now and after becoming a US citizen.

We had a good talk, afterwards I thanked him for his time and lastly he informed me that I would probably be receiving my next letter in about three months which most likely will contain my instructions for the oath ceremony which is the the final step in becoming a US citizen.

It’s pretty cool now I can vote, yay!  And I would definitely consider it an important milestone in my life here in the US too.

My interview to become a US citizen

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