Planning a move to NY

I had kind of a big decision to make; I had already planned to move but I was hoping to begin after I graduate, unfortunately there was a change of plans with the college I was planning on attending due to circumstances out of my control and the only thing I have left to do is to work for a year to either get back into another college program here or plan a move and then start college wherever I settle.

For me either option would have worked, transferring wouldn’t have been all that difficult I would simply require transcripts that the other college would need and I would be set; on the other hand if I did wait here and decide to continue school where I’m currently living nothing would really change and I would just be wasting another year but if I planned a move I can get a head start on my moving plans.

The college curriculum would be the same no matter where I went and to be honest I’m kind of ready for a new experience and planning a move to New York might be just what I was looking for.  So I decided to move east and I have this entire year to save and prepare; luckily my employers now are pretty much located all throughout the u.s. so I can easily transfer to another location and so employment would be taken care of; really my main concern to plan a move to New York was going to be finding an apartment or housing there because I’ll have enough money saved and likely be able to transfer through the company I’m currently working for.

It sounds overwhelming doing it alone but I think if I focus on my goal I’ll have everything I need by the end of this year; but I should be excited because everything is going according to plan.

Not being in college right now this year was definitely a setback but it’s not going to stop me from completing my degree it doesn’t matter where I complete it; it will get done regardless so now my decision is to work and save; I haven’t even decided where in New York I’m planning to move, for the most part it’s going to be as close as possible to the college campus where I’ll be attending and I’ve lived in a large Metropolitan city so moving to urban areas in New York won’t be all that different from where I’ve been living for most of my life and the weather is really not all that different either so I’ll probably adjust very quickly once I get settled.

I know some friends that travel all the time but I have never traveled much before and after all this is a semi-permanent move for the most part it’s not a weekend vacation so there is a little bit more involved in the move; despite my apprehensions I am still very excited and I still have an entire year so hopefully everything will turn out just fine!

Planning a move to NY

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