Moving plan change again…

Well I thought I had a good plan to move out east to New York, and it did sound like it was definitely possible but I started thinking; its over six hundred miles away and I would need to spend a little bit on the move itself.

The thought occurred to me why not just make your life easier and make a closer move! If I moved to a college to say indiana or Ohio I could still accomplish my long term academic goals and still satisfy my urge to move out for a new experience.

Although moving to New York would’ve been nice I think I better take things one step at a time. Best thing about a closer move is that I can get it done with a U-haul in the afternoon!

Originally I planned on saving for a year for the New York move but I think for this closer move I can get it done within half the time and for much less. Indiana isn’t bad, I actually pass by the expressway to it all the time on my drive to and back from work, lol. Ohio might be better option though, there are a lot of colleges there to choose from for my degree.

To be honest either option would work, it all depends on finding a college and nearby housing to start attending there, that’s all. I’m not gonna lie New york by myself did seem daunting at first mainly because of me being a poor college student at the moment so a closer move does relieve many of my worries about moving. For now though I am just going to work, save and enjoy my extended break from school, lol!

Moving plan change again...

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