This is how I got SD2VITA working!

There’s a lot of guides online to get your MicroSD card installed onto your Vita, Wololo and Modshiah have good tutorials but even with their awesome guides I ran into a few newbie hurdles which resulted in new card a few hours going through config files and settings, lol.

Anyways I started with a Samsung 256GB card, it was very pretty! I couldn’t wait; anyways then I got myself the old type SD2VITA adapter (non ejecting) and I was ready. I formatted the card like instructed using:
Win32 Disk Imager.exe

I copied my “real” Vita card contents onto a folder in windows, then I copied them onto the newly formatted MicroSD card. Now to actually copy system folders you have to have Henkaku and of course molecular shell. So at this point I have Henkaku and a newly formatted MicroSD card. Now I went onto the next step:

I deleted the config file in ux0: and went to the tai folder in ur0: and edited the config file with the line: “ur0:tai/gamesd.skprx” below KERNEL as instructed and this was my first problem. I used the VITA to edit the line. I didn’t realize that the line entry was “CASE SENSITIVE” and the VITA auto capitalized my ur0: to Ur0:; suffice it say this won’t load the plugin. And I also made an error too, I accidentally typed in the letter o instead of the number 0 for the ur0: path; it took me a little while to fix this error! I even got an new adapter thinking that it was possibly defective but it wasn’t a total loss since I got the new ejecting type. This new ejecting type prevents any damage to the card slot. But anyways I made the corrections and the plugin loaded properly.

Now the next problem I noticed; the instructions allowed me to load up my MicroSD perfectly but I ran into another problem; my bubbles disappeared! Then it occurred to my that I installed my apps and games on my “real” vita card but now that I am using my SD2VITA adapter obviously they won’t be there anymore. So I had to reinstall my VPK’s to get my apps back and see them on livearea again.

Next my last problem, lol. I reinstalled Enso but doing this replaced my edited config file in the tai folder; it took a while to figure this out too. But I noticed it and added the “ur0:tai/gamesd.skprx” line again and rebooted and finally! the SD2VITA adapter was fully functional with Enso.

This is how I got SD2VITA working!

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