New 3DS XL CFW Longest hack ever!

Alright I was up to hacking my 3DS XL and I usually find YouTube videos; which are sometimes easier to follow than a tutorial on a website. But It seemed to me that because of continual patching of the attempted hacks that each video actually contained a different method from the next and depending on your OFW some of the steps were not even functional anymore!

It took a while and even when I thought, hey this video definitely has the right info I was looking for; the comments actually suggest going to a lengthy online tutorial! Well after numerous videos which involved a step or hacking app that was no longer working because of updates, I just gave up and went to the site, lol.

It was three pages long and just look the what was required to hack:

What you need!!?

The Homebrew Starter Kit
The latest release of Soundhax (for your device and region)
The latest release of SafeB9SInstaller
The latest release of boot9strap (standard boot9strap; not the devkit file, not the ntr file)
The latest release of safehax
The latest release of udsploit
The latest release of Luma3DS (the .7z file)
The otherapp payload (for your version and region)
The latest release of Themely (the .cia file)
The latest release of hblauncher_loader
The latest release of GodMode9
The latest release of DSP1
The latest release of FBI (the .cia and .3dsx files)
The latest fork of Luma3DS Updater (the .cia file)

Hopefully this was the definitive guide I was looking for; unlike the old YouTube videos using outdated methods and apps; with the files and instructions on I was able to completely hack my 3DS XL. Although there was one problem I noticed; I was on 11.3 and for some reason safehax just wouldn’t work for me but I had so many other apps from the YouTube guides that I tried different ones until one worked; fasthax seemed to work and everything else was completed just as instructed on

I had the New 3DS XL which was now using MicroSD cards but I bought it mostly because some games require the New 3DS. Anyways, lets move right along to my experience hacking this marvelous device. the MicroSD card slot was not conveniently located like the regular 3DS; I had to remove the back cover to get to it.


As much as I would love to go over the well prepared guide that has provided, I won’t for the sake of time and blogging space, lol. Anyways You can hack pretty much any 3DS device now. It required some key steps, mainly:
1. An entry point to begin hacking (Soundhax in my case)
2. The second entry point using boot9strap, safehax and udsploit
3. And finally the CFW needed (Luma3DS in my case)

At this point you now have CFW on your 3DS!

4. Lastly the homebrew launcher, Luma updater and… the FBI installer!!!!!!

I tested it out and after the simple CIA installer screen completes I had a nice present on my 3DS Home menu!

If you have a lot of physical cartridges like I did you can easily dump your game cartridge (like Fire Emblem in my case) using homebrew apps once you have CFW. It will allow you to create your own CIA backups!

Overall I was pleased but to be honest, while I can see how Nintendo’s design beat Sony’s Vita; I just wish they had spent more on a screen as beautiful as the Vita’s… R.I.P. T_T
New 3DS XL CFW Longest hack ever!

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